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Why Did Mark Wahlberg Stop Rapping?

Mark Wahlberg is currently known as an actor, restaurant owner, and businessman. But before all of that, he was more commonly known as “Marky Mark” and led the hip hop group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. 

The group was only active for a few years and released two studio albums, which begs the question: why did Mark Wahlberg’s rapping career end? 

Mark Wahlberg’s Background

Mark Wahlberg, also known by his stage name Marky Mark, was born in Boston in 1971. His teenage years were troubling and atypical. Substance abuse and criminal activity plagued his life at an early age. 

Luckily, as we see today, he was able to overcome those difficulties and now leads a seemingly successful life. 

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch was a 90’s hip hop group led by Mark Wahlberg. Other members included Scott Ross, known as Scottie Gee; Hector Barros, known as Hector the Booty Inspector; Terry Yancey, known as DJ-T; and Anthony Thomas who was known as Ashey Ace. 

The group’s first album, “Music for the People,” saw huge success, landing at number 21 on the Billboard, and had two top-ten singles. 

Shortly after Music for the People, the group recorded “You Gotta Believe.” This time, the album did not do as well on the charts, and unfortunately, the group would break up the next year. 

Mark Wahlberg’s Other Ventures 

After Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch dissolved, Mark Wahlberg continued making music for a few more years, officially leaving it behind in 1998. Around this time, his acting career was simultaneously taking off, and he made his movie debut in the 1994 film Renaissance Man. 

Entering the early 2000s, Mark ventured primarily into the action and drama genres and was ultimately nominated for multiple academy awards. He even became the world’s best-paid actor in 2017. 

In addition to acting, he has also worked as a producer for popular shows and movies like Entourage and McMillions. Mark and his brother also co-own a burger restaurant, Wahlburgers, and have starred in a TV show regarding the same. 

Why Did Mark Wahlberg Stop Rapping?

While there is no definitive reason for his music career to end, it can be assumed that it was due to the success of his other projects. Specifically, his acting career. 

Mark’s venture into acting began taking off at the point when his music career was dwindling, which could explain why he dropped rapping altogether. Additionally, the group he had been part of had broken up, and that event could have contributed to him leaving the music industry. 


Fans may know Mark Wahlberg best for his acting; but before that, he was a popular hip hop artist. The musical chapter of his life was short-lived and left people wondering why.

While the actor has never come out and explicitly said what caused him to stop rapping, it can be assumed that his acting career, in addition to the breakup of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, could have been prime contributions. 

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