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What Is Brad Pitt Like In Real Life?

Idolized as the Hollywood heartthrob of women across the board, it is not surprising that Brad Pitt has been adored for a variety of roles throughout the years. Famed as much for his versatility as he is for his smile and chiseled jawline, people are allured by his captivating personality.

With all these fairytale qualities, one can’t help but wonder if he really is this charming in real life.


A quick rise to fame can often cloud a celebrity’s judgment, which is why many Hollywood actors are known to have inflated egos and nasty personalities. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case with this beloved actor. He even admitted to the triviality of attractive movie stars, saying,

Heartthrobs are a dime a dozen.

During interviews, he treats the interviewers with respect, without holding himself above anyone else. Examples of this can be seen through his interviews with Oprah, in which his behavior is very mature, kind, and charming.


Jean Black has been Pitt’s makeup artist for over 27 years, working with him through almost 30 total films. Black revealed that she originally began working with Pitt during his 1990 film, Cool World. Pitt wasn’t a star in those days, though continued to remain loyal to her throughout the years.

Black stated, “Brad and I are both loners. We had kind of a sense we could enjoy being in the same room without having to talk all the time. But anyway like I said it’s kind of a rare duo, a rare thing to have someone in his position.”

Their friendship extends beyond work, becoming close over the years. Pitt has shown that he remains loyal and dedicated to people who are honest, reflecting his same views and morals.


Family values can tell a lot about a celebrity’s character, as their careers can often lead them astray. Pitt describes the painful struggle that many people experience, stating,

A family is a risky venture, because the greater the love, the greater the loss… That’s the trade-off. But I’ll take it all.

He even claims that having kids has improved his acting by being part of something bigger than himself.


Students who attended the University of Missouri with Pitt claim that he did not seem like the future “sexiest man alive”, but rather your regular awkward college student. Fellow actors working with him on set describe Pitt as charming and professional, pretty much getting along with everyone that he works with.

Even while interacting with random people that he encounters on the street, Pitt’s charm does not disappoint. While staying at a hotel in Ireland during the filming of “The Devil’s Own”, he offered his kindness and warmth to the window cleaner, saying, “It’s damn cold out there man come in for a break.”

The employee didn’t even recognize the Hollywood actor, though Pitt still took a moment of his time to have an intellectual conversation.


It’s no secret that Brad Pitt is regarded as one of the most attractive people in Hollywood. People often get lost in idolizing a celebrity and forget that they are, in fact, an actual person just like everyone else. Delving beyond outward appearance, his real personality seems to be authentic.

If you were to spend a day talking with him, you would discover that he is an intellectual human being who genuinely cares for others. He treats regular people with respect and has demonstrated his loyalty over the years.

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