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Are Ray Romano and Brad Garrett Friends?

Chemistry is essential for any relationship to be successful. In Ray Romano’s award-winning television show Everybody Loves Raymond, he placed a lot of emphasis on choosing actors that would complement his real-life family.

Choosing Brad Garrett was one of Romano’s best cast picks, and the two made television history with their on-screen sibling rivalry. Let’s look at the pair’s actual friendship and see if it has lasted off-camera.  

First Impressions

The famous sitcom didn’t attract viewers out of thin air. Ray Romano very specifically sought actors that he believed could fit the bill. At first, Romano wanted a short and authoritative actor to play his brother, but he enjoyed Garrett’s interpretation. 

However, a comedic essay by Garrett implies that the initial connection wasn’t as mutual. Garrett actually thought the show was doomed when he met Romano! Brad describes the leading star as “the teenager you would see at Whole Foods spraying down the produce.” Not exactly who you picture running a successful sitcom. 

Despite the initial hesitation, the pair became extremely close during the show’s filming, which has carried on into today. 

Garrett’s Addiction

At the beginning of the sitcom’s filming, Brad Garrett was suffering from alcoholism. Garrett explains that he was drinking a fifth of alcohol a day just as his stardom was taking off. He finally made a change when he felt his life was in danger. 

Although there aren’t any direct quotes about Romano’s feelings about the situation, Ray has had his own life struggles, which could have easily made him a great helping hand. 

Garrett stopped drinking quickly after the first season and has been sober ever since. 

Are Ray and Brad Still Friends Today?

The two actors have a long history together, and although they aren’t pictured as attached at the hip, they still maintain a close bond. 

The pair most recently reunited on a special edition of Family Feud. This game show seems like the perfect counterpart to the premise of Everybody Loves Raymond, capturing family dynamics in a hilarious format. 

One of the most notable moments of the game show was when Romano takes his initial jab at Garrett. When greeting the host, Steve Harvey, Romano exclaims, 

Listen, we’re going to take some jabs, but I want to be nice to Brad because his birthday is coming up. I wanted to get him something, but what do you get somebody who has everything because of you?

It seems the two are still in character from their sitcom days and that the friendly jest isn’t ending anytime soon. 


Brad Garrett and Ray Romano have a bond similar to what is portrayed on television. Although it hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies, the two comedians love to joke around with each other to this day. It seems that the brotherly love (and competitiveness) seen on camera isn’t too far from the truth.

It might have been satire when Romano named his show Everybody loves Raymond, but at least we know Brad Garrett certainly does. 

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