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Does Matthew McConaughey Ice Fish?

Matthew McConaughey’s movies might be what made him famous, but now he is known for something else; his Lincoln commercials. In one of the latest commercials, McConaughey is seen relaxing in the car while ice fishing.

This commercial has caused viewers to question if ice fishing is one of McConaughey’s actual hobbies.

What is Ice Fishing?

Ice fishing is an activity similar to regular fishing, but with some exceptions. It requires special equipment, and takes place through a hole on a frozen body of water. It’s also much more dangerous than other forms of fishing, as there is potential for someone to fall through the ice.

Ice fishers will often stay in some type of portable shelter while they wait for the fish to bite, or if you’re Matthew McConaughey, you wait in your Lincoln.

Matthew McConaughey’s Hobbies and Interests

“…I started something I thought might be a hobby, but [it] turned into a career.” McConaughey said in a TV interview. While acting has certainly evolved into more than just a hobby, he has also kept some interests more low-key.

McConaughey spends his time watching sports, especially his Texas Longhorn football team. He’s even athletic himself, keeping in shape by playing golf and surfing. McConaughey believes it is more fun to be active outdoors, as opposed to a gym.

Since moving to Austin, a very outdoor activity friendly city, he has been paddling on the lake and running the trails. He even fishes in his spare time on vacation. However, we still wonder if ice fishing is one of his hobbies.

Does Matthew McConaughey Ice Fish?

After the Lincoln commercial aired showing McConaughey ice fishing, it received some negative feedback from the community. Members of a Facebook group dedicated to ice fishing made remarks about the actors’ incorrect methods, including using a tiny piece of bate, and not being close enough to catch the fish when the flag is tipped.

While some might consider this evidence that he doesn’t ice fish himself, most likely the commercial creator decided these things.

More importantly, he has never mentioned ice fishing as something he enjoys. Also, since he currently lives in Austin, Texas and formerly resided in Malibu, California, there are not many opportunities for him to have picked up the activity. Despite his Texas home being on a lake, neither of those places ever get cold enough for lakes to freeze over.

He does enjoy travel and even owns an Airstream trailer, however the only fishing the public has seen him do on vacation was in a tropical location.


It appears as though the only ice fishing Matthew McConaughey does is in commercials. Although, given his interests in regular fishing, and being outside, it’s very possible he will add this to his list of interests one day.

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