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Is Terry Crews a Wrestler?

As a famous actor, artist, bodybuilder, comedian, and professional football player, Terry Crews has built an impressive list of accomplishments throughout his life. 

In addition to his long list of expertise, Crews never shies away from motivating others. He even delivered a powerful message during a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) SummerSlam pay-per-view promotion in August 2018. 

After Crews spoke about dreams and success on the promotion, fans began to wonder how Crews linked up with WWE in the first place. Is Terry Crews a wrestler among his decorated background?

Terry Crews’ Motivational Attitude

No matter what, Crews has always been able to set his sights on anything new and find success in what he’s done. After reading The Master Key System, Crews even stated

This [book] is the one that showed me how to visualize, contemplate, and focus on what I truly wanted.

Crews’ motivational outlook is a large contributor to his achievements, including his relationship and connection with wrestling. 

Fondness for WWE

During a one-on-one interview with WWE’s Titus O’Neil in May of 2020, Terry Crews shed some light on his love for wrestling. O’Neil asked Terry Crews about his experience opening for SummerSlam. 

Crews was enthusiastic about WWE and stated, 

It’s the core of why you are entertained.

Furthermore, Crews compared wrestlers to superheroes and mentioned that he and his grandmother were hardcore fans of WWE. Crews even told O’Neil that he was honored to do the intro for WWE.

Wrestling on Battledome

Surprisingly, Crews’ love for WWE turned into something more. He explained that his first entry into entertainment was when he started as a wrestler himself. Crews built his own character, “T-Money,” on the reality TV show Battledome in 1999. 

Crews also explained to O’Neal how Battledome ultimately turned into wrestling. He said,

They put me in a cage. But we were doing gladiator-style stuff, and we had a co-venture with WCW out of Atlanta at the time. 

From Wrestling to Acting

He loved playing a villainous character and legitimately fooling fans into thinking that he was the character, even outside of wrestling. Crews attributes his Battledome background to what guided him in his acting abilities when he says:

Back in those days man, I really learned how to give it up.

He also mentioned that he almost ended up in professional wrestling saying, 

I was this close! 

Although, he never revealed why he pursued an acting career instead.

Crews’ Assistance with Idiocracy

Shortly after Terry Crews broke into acting, he told O’Neil about auditioning for the movie Idiocracy, which was released in 2006. Mike Judge, the director, had several versions of the protagonist—President Camacho—but was unsure about which direction to take. 

Crews came up with the idea of blending a wrestler and preacher with the president of the United States. Crews utilized his wrestling background to create a wrestling champion who was simultaneously the US president. While reflecting on producing President Camacho, Crews said,

I attribute that [his ideas] a lot to watching WWE. 


Terry Crews has been able to use his powerful visions to focus on anything that he has pursued. This has also allowed him to find success in many lanes, such as acting, professional football, and wrestling.

While Crews is mostly known for landing plenty of major film roles, he credits wrestling as a catalyst for his acting breakthrough, while he remains a lifelong fan of WWE. Although he hasn’t pursued wrestling as a career, his past shows that we can certainly add wrestling to Crews’ experience record. 

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