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Does Ray Romano Live in New York?

Ray Romano’s famous self-titled show centers around the fictional character Ray Barone, a Long Island-based sportswriter inspired and played by Romano himself. Along with a cast of the protagonist’s family and friends, the show portrays the daily antics of a middle-class family living in Lynbrook, New York.

Because Ray Romano rocketed to fame in part thanks to this character, people might wonder — does Ray Romano live in New York?

The Romano Residence

As is the norm for TV and movie stars, Ray Romano currently lives not in New York, but Los Angeles, California. He bought his LA home in 1999 when Everybody Loves Raymond was in its third season.

It’s likely that he moved to LA due to the success of the show and to pursue more opportunities in TV. Boasting 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and over 10,000 square feet, its size and scale match his star power. But before rising to prominence in the entertainment world, Ray Romano did spend most of his life based in New York City.

Growing Up

Ray Romano was born in Queens, New York. He grew up in the middle-class Forest Hills neighborhood with his parents and older brother Richard. In fact, he lived at home with his parents until the ripe age of 29.

Even after moving out, he stayed in the Queens borough for almost a decade. In total, he lived in New York for almost 40 years, leaving the state only after making it big and moving to Los Angeles. This experience growing up, it turns out, was invaluable to Romano’s success, as he drew on it heavily for material for his show later in life.

A Bit Of New York

On his first stand-up set on the David Letterman Show in 1995, Romano’s material centers on his family life and identity as a father. This immediately catapulted his career forward. “The following week [Letterman’s] company called me up to say, ‘We want to try to develop a show based around what we saw.’” And so, Everybody Loves Raymond was born.

Ray Romano developed, executive-produced, and starred in the show from its original air date in 1996 to its finale in 2005. It was immediately a massive success and quickly became one of the most watched shows in the country.

But without his experiences growing up in New York, the show may not have met its success. The inspiration behind the character Robert, for instance, was Ray’s own police sergeant brother. This was a common approach when developing the show. As show creator Phil Rosenthal put it, “90% of the stories on the show were based on real-life experiences.”


No, Ray Romano does not live in New York but lives in Los Angeles.

While Romano’s subsequent work no longer pulls from his New York background, it was his Queens upbringing that skyrocketed him to success with his original breakout role.

In a way, he owes his success to his Queens background, and in turn, New York City. While he no longer lives in New York, his career and fame are inextricably linked to his identity as a New Yorker.

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