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Does Ray Romano Drink Alcohol?

Famous comedians are no strangers to notoriety. Often, many are near the front of the headlines for their erratic behaviors. 

Alcohol and drug use seem to affect many in the comedy industry. Alcohol abuse, in particular, might happen in the beloved comedy business due to several reasons, including the pressure of fame and the regular availability of substances. 

While he has seemingly opted not to make his habits public, fans have inquired about one of the industry’s long-time and favorite comedians, Ray Romano. The question stands: does the adored Ray drink alcohol?

Everybody Loves Raymond

Although not a stranger to scandal, Ray Romano has fortunately not been known to suffer from any affliction with alcohol. The famous, Emmy awarded comedian is most popular for his self-titled sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond. The show ran for nine seasons – between 1996 and 2005 – and won notable awards for its relatable comedy sketches and lovable cast.

Ray Romano’s Drinking Practices

There is little-to-no information about Ray Romano’s habits, though it is clear that he does drink alcohol on occasion. However, while there is no indication that Ray Romano drinks any more than the average adult, the same cannot be said for his fellow cast members on Everybody Loves Raymond.

Actor Brad Garrett, who played the part of Ray’s real-life brother, secretly battled an alcohol addiction while a member of the cast. The actor admits that through the entire first season of filming, he was a highly functioning alcoholic and hid his disease through comedy. 

Unlike his co-star, Ray Romano has not publicly suffered from alcoholism. Nevertheless, the actor is very open about his battles with mental health issues. In a Youtube video for the Child Mind Institute, Ray opens up about his struggles with anxiety and depression. His relationship with mental disorders is a subject that he openly jokes about during his stand-up sets.

Ray’s choice to maintain awareness and connection with his mental health has potentially deterred the star from engaging too closely with alcohol. 

Ray’s Beverages of Choice 

Although Ray Romano’s drinking habits aren’t front-page news, he has been photographed with alcoholic beverages, making it evident that he does partake occasionally. This is not necessarily out of character for a comedian and Hollywood actor, where expensive cocktails are readily served at nearly every event.

However, alcohol is not Ray’s norm. The 62-year-old comedian is usually clutching a glass of water during his stand up and prime time appearances. Ray is also an avid golfer, but it doesn’t seem as though he regularly partakes in anything other than a cold “Arnold Palmer”. 

Although alcohol may not be his first choice, Ray Romano definitely has his favorites when it comes to beverages. The comedian often jokes about his favorite drink in real life which is ginger ale! Ginger ale is so close to the actor that it is even a common theme in his show. If you watch closely, you can see that he drinks a mini can of ginger ale in every episode, even in his featured appearances on King of Queens.


Always the American family man, it doesn’t look like Ray Romano drinks any more than his portrayed character on his hit sitcom. He does take part in the occasional drink; still, it appears that alcohol is not the comedian’s first choice. It seems to me that Ray should take his talent into creating a personal spin-off brand, “Everybody Loves Ginger Ale”. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

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