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Does Kim Kardashian Wear Contacts?

Kim Kardashian has made a career of having a “perfect” body. She is used as a reference in many plastic surgery offices for the ideal face and body. However, outer looks aside, does the star have perfect vision or does she wear contacts?

Met Gala

In 2018, Kim arrived at the Met Gala in a golden Versace dress and an eye color to match. Yes, you heard that right. Kim wore colored contacts that had a golden honey hue that matched the shimmery gold dress. Kim expands on the choice in an Instagram post, stating that her stylists “chose honey-colored contacts that weren’t too far off from (her) natural eye color, just a bit brighter.”

She further explains that she wanted her “glam to complement (her) ‘90s-inspired gold Versace dress.” Kim used the colored contacts as an accessory, but did they also help her eyesight at the same time?

Brown to Green Eyes

Kim is seen again in an Instagram post for Kylie’s 21st birthday wearing smokey green contacts. Many were stunned by this look and claimed Kim looked more like Megan Fox than her actual self. This picture was posted while she was on vacation and not in need of her typical glam look. Kim may have been using the contacts as a shocking glam look and to help her eyesight.

Wearing Glasses

Back in 2012, Kim posted a picture of her wearing prescription eyeglasses. This post seemed to come out of nowhere, since the reality star was typically not seen wearing glasses. However, soon the Kardashian sister’s collection of eyeglasses with the brand Sears Optical debuted.

Despite the post being for a brand, this clued fans into the fact that Kim might wear glasses for not only style, but function.

Lasik Surgery

In 2011, Kim performed alongside the Pussy Cat Dolls in a performance in Las Vegas. At one point in the show, Kim had to be in water. On the reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim explains how difficult it was to learn the dance and perform in water with contacts.

Her lack of perfect vision became a problem for the show. She decided a day before her performance in Las Vegas to undergo Lasik eye surgery. Clips of the procedure were included in the show and Kim recovered quick enough to perform the next night.

Having her Lasik surgery procedure allowed the star to see without the help of contacts. Kim doesn’t wear contacts on a daily basis but likes experimenting with colored contacts to elevate her glam makeup looks.


Kim and her stylists have always taken her glam makeup looks very seriously. She has been seen wearing colored contacts on several occasions. Though not being born with perfect vision, Kim underwent Lasik eye surgery and now has perfect vision. Still, the reality star wears colored contacts for the purpose of fashion.

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