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Does Steve Harvey Buy His Own Suits?

In an episode of Rolling with Steve Harvey, the comedian and television presenter recounted the time he stole a suit as a child. It was his first suit — the first of many — and though he had to return it, the owner of the store gave it to him as a gift. Things have certainly changed over the decades for Steve Harvey, but — like his passion for a snappy suit — some things stay the same. Does he purchase his own suits or does he get them another way?

Why does he wear suits?

So, what’s with the suits in the first place? In an online episode of Rolling with Steve Harvey, he credited his mother for his love affair with dressing sharp. He explained that he had been taught from a young age that women love a snappy dresser, and the mindset stuck. He also went on to comment on his younger years as a comedian:

The first year we did Kings of Comedy, they didn’t wear suits, I’m the only one who wore suits. D.L. used to say, ‘Man, why you wear a suit all the time?’ I don’t know no other way to be, dog. People paying all this money to see us, might as well give ’em something to look at. … we ain’t cute. The Kings of Comedy wasn’t no pretty group. We was funny … but we was not an attractive bunch. You just have to know that. If you ain’t cute, you ain’t cute.

Using the suits to offset his lack of ‘attractiveness’ is almost certainly a joke, but it is undeniable that the style he brought to the stage stood him out amongst his competitors and made him instantly recognizable.

Who pays for the suits?

As one of the most famous men in America, he is almost as well-known for his extensive choice of suits as he is for his television career. The suit has become a part of the ‘Steve Harvey’ image. And with image and presentation so crucial in the world of media broadcasting, one can only imagine the contract stipulations involved in securing Steve Harvey as a host.

In a YouTube video that looks at the first 500 episodes of The Steve Harvey show, it was confirmed that Steve Harvey did not wear the same suit. Not even once. That’s 500 different suits minimum, not counting the 420 episodes that came afterwards or his other television work. That’s a lot of suits.

It’s reasonable to assume that the production company — in this case, Beautiful Day Productions LLC — pick up the tab for dressing for their main star.

Clothing Line

Outside of television, it should be no surprise that Steve Harvey has come out with his own clothing line specializing in — you guessed it — suits! The Steve Harvey clothing line has been pushing the kind of style that the man himself has been synonymous with for over 30 years. With his fashion enterprise in full swing, Steve Harvey isn’t going to be running out of suits to wear anytime soon.


Steve Harvey is a man with a concrete image. Like Elvis and his jumpsuits, Steve Harvey’s fashion choices are part of his identity. They’ve helped to create an instantly recognizable persona; one that is known in millions of homes across the USA.

Maintaining this image is as much a job for the production companies as it is for Harvey himself; they are all trying to tap in to this instant recognition and profit from his huge fame. It makes sense that the production company would finance the suits that form the shows image.

It is clear however, that Steve Harvey’s love affair with suits is a personal one. Whether he buys them himself or not, it’s a good bet that he has an impressive collection at home.

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