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Did Steve Harvey Box?

As the host of The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, and Miss Universe, Steve Harvey is a busy person in the world of entertainment. He often collaborates with legendary boxers on his television shows and praises them. While there’s been plenty of boxing talk on Harvey’s content, fans continue to ask. “Did Steve Harvey box when he was younger?”

Love of Boxing

It’s clear that Steve Harvey loves boxing and surrounds himself with the sport often within his television shows. During an episode of Family Feud (celebrity version), pro boxing legends such as James Toey, Ray Mercer, Shane Mosely, and others faced off against each other as Harvey hosted. Harvey had shown his respect for Tony and Mercer during a staredown as he found himself in the middle between the two. “You don’t get in the middle of two heavyweights when they doin’ what they do, they hit too hard”, Harvey told the crowd.

While the pro boxing contestants stood around Steve during the competition, Harvey jokingly looked intimidated. “I can’t whoop nobody up here” Harvey said nervously. Although Harvey seems confident in his boxing ability, he wanted no business with pro boxers. This wasn’t the only time Harvey brought pro boxers on his television shows however.

On the Steve TV Show, Harvey brought on Mike Tyson to play Rock’ em Sock’ em Robots together. Harvey beat Tyson 3 rounds to 1, but Tyson was no poor sport. Tyson pointed and laughed in excitement at the game. He was quite surprised Harvey was able to beat him so quickly and the crowd stood up and cheered for both of them.

Although Steve Harvey’s love of boxing is shown on several instances within his own shows, he watches the sport on his own time as well. During the super-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, Harvey actually pulled a better live seat than both LeBron James and P Diddy. Harvey was nearly ringside and appeared to have the time of his life at the highly anticipated fight.

Steve Teaches his Son Jason a Lesson

Steve Harvey revealed his love for boxing through an animated video on his website. Harvey told a story (with a video attached) about a time when his son challenged him to a boxing duel. Harvey’s son Jason, who was around 16 years old at the time, had just started his training in boxing. Jason was with his girlfriend at the time and called Steve out for a boxing match in order to “impress his girlfriend”.

Unfortunately for Jason, that would be the last day he would ever show off again. According to Steve, he told his son,

I’m the heavyweight champ of this house right here. Title shots are available 24/7. Whenever you think you could whoop me, let’s take a shot at it.

In that very moment, Steve put his plate of food down and the two put the gloves on for a quick duel with only body shots allowed.

At first, Steve let his son take a few body shots to get a feel for his training before faking a shot to the head. While Jason covered both his face with both hands, Steve delivered a single finishing blow to his kidney. In embarrassing fashion, Jason dropped to the ground and even peed himself in front of his girlfriend, according to Steve.

Jason Wanted a Rematch

Jason finally got his rematch against his dad in January 2020. This time Jason was 29 years old with a family and had a brief sparring match with Steve captured on video. It wasn’t very serious (neither had gloves on and they were wearing casual clothes) but Jason didn’t look scared to take on his father this time. The two shadow boxed and tried to find an opening while people cheered on and recorded. Steve critiqued Jason’s technique during the quick session and showed his deep knowledge of boxing. “You’re going the wrong way, I’m gonna cut that off”, Steve told his son.

Boxing Experience

It’s unclear what kind of boxing style Steve Harvey had, what weight class he fought in, or what level of boxing he competed in. However, Harvey revealed that he had five years of training in his life while telling the story about his son challenging him to a fight. In 2008, Jet Magazine referred to Harvey as a 231 pound, 6-foot-2 superstar, from which we can assume he was indeed a heavyweight boxer.

Since it takes many years of training if a boxer wants to compete at the pro level, Harvey most likely competed at the amateur level with just his five years of experience. Even if Harvey was good enough to try out pro level boxing, it takes a full-time commitment which probably led him to pursue comedy instead.

Why Steve Harvey Quit Boxing

During a Q and A segment of Family Feud, Harvey answered fan questions about his personal life. One of the questions, “Why did you quit boxing?” was raised and Harvey replied in his typical comedic tone.

I didn’t quit boxing, a Puerto Rican stopped me from boxing. There’s a difference. I didn’t stop, a Puerto Rican hit me harder than I’ve ever been hit in my … life. I didn’t know where I was, I didn’t know who I was.

Needless to say, Harvey was happy to make a switch to television and comedy rather than boxing. He had the crowd laughing hysterically as he reflected on his experience in the ring.


While Steve Harvey found amazing success doing comedy, television, and radio, he explored all kinds of lanes outside of entertainment in his earlier years.

Yes, Steve Harvey did box. This was before he was the host of some of America’s most popular shows. He trained for five years and likely competed at the amateur level.

Harvey hasn’t missed the opportunity to pass down his boxing knowledge to his children and teach them a lesson at the same time.

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