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Can Terry Crews Draw?

When you hear the name Terry Crews, what comes to mind? Maybe the NFL or those humorous Old Spice commercials. Or, you might think about the “A Thousand Miles” scene from White Chicks. In fact, Crews has been in so many TV shows and movies that it’s difficult to name them all. So, you get the idea: he’s an insanely talented guy.

But do his talents go beyond acting and sports? Can Terry Crews draw?

An Artistic Childhood Dream

Terry Crews has loved art for a very long time. In a May 2020 UPROXX interview with Crews, the actor said this about his childhood:

I wanted to be an animator, I wanted to do special effects, I wanted to do anything with movies artistically, and I was the guy who wanted to draw movie posters and all that kind of stuff.

The passion for art started when he saw Star Wars in 1977. Since then, Crews has pursued multiple creative avenues and has not wasted one speck of his talent.

After earning a high school diploma, Crews received an art scholarship for a 6-week program at the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts. That was followed by two scholarships to Western Michigan University: a full football scholarship and an Art Excellence scholarship. This carved out his path to greatness among the NFL San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins, and Los Angeles Rams.

Even with a busy schedule of acting and hosting, Terry Crews has never stopped drawing.

Working as a Visual Artist

Throughout college, Crews took on various artistic jobs, even as he became more and more devoted to football. His first job as a paid artist was sketching courtrooms for numerous companies, including WJRT. While playing football, he added to his income by drawing portraits of his teammates, as well as NFL licensed lithographs. Those drawings and prints became the main source of income for his family.

Not impressive enough for you?

Crews further padded his already jam-packed artistic portfolio with another achievement: co-founding the design company Amen&Amen alongside Nana Boateng. Together, they have released light fixture and furniture designs that are a mix of classy and contemporary. And nearly every piece was originally just a drawing on Crews’ desk! He also draws schematics for furnishings with Bernhardt Design.

Crews’ Illustrious Illustrations

So, we now know that Terry Crews’ is a multifaceted individual who has been drawing for longer than some of us have been alive. But just how good is he at drawing?

In 2017, Crews’ artwork was featured as the cover of Ad Age’s “The 2017 Creativity 50” issue. The cover was inspired by Mount Rushmore and features some of the individuals included on the magazine’s list. Crews’ explained that he made the cover art with acrylic paints, Prismacolor pencils, and a Wacom tablet.

Upon seeing the artwork, fans of Terry Crews on Twitter declared their surprise and wonderment. Some comments/retweets n the thread include: “Yeah, it’s a shocker to most knowing that Crews can draw, and yeah, he can, and really well too!”

Shortly after the magazine was released and people learned that Terry Crews can draw extremely well, he was asked to show off his artwork further. For example, Sirius XM asked Crews to speed draw a horse while answering 5 minutes worth of questions. During an interview with Steve Harvey in 2018, Crews rapidly drew a cute cartoon version of Harvey that wowed the audience.


With the unveiling of Crews’ artwork a few years ago, many people were asking, “Can Terry Crews draw? Like really draw?”

The answer is a resounding yes. Terry Crews is very skilled at drawing. Crews has pursued art since childhood and continues to remain passionate about illustrating.

He is truly a talented man who will hopefully bring us more impressive art in the future.

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