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Can Jennifer Lawrence Cry on Cue?

The first time you see your baby’s heartbeat on the screen, your wedding day, the day we lose a loved one. What do all these events have in common?

Typically, there are tears involved for both the good and the bad reasons. These are the same sets of tears actresses and actors must access in order to really “sell” it on the big screen.

For example, Jennifer Lawrence has recently become one of America’s leading actress due to her tremendous acting ability. Is one of her skills the ability to cry on cue?

Let’s dive in a little deeper.

The Soft Side of Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger games actress knows a thing or two about crying on the big screen. While some of her most popular scenes involve a bow and arrow, some of her earlier movies have touched the actresses’ soft side. These movies have forced her to shed some tears on demand.

From being the family boss in her 2015 film Joy to being an All-American girl in Silver Linings Playbook most actresses wouldn’t be able to book over 39 other films without being able to cry on cue. Let’s take a look at some of the techniques used to access these crocodile tears.

How to Cry on Cue

According to AmoMama there are 3 ways to fake cry on command.

  • The first is to refer to a tragic experience to get legitimate tears. Whether they recall a heartbreak or even harness the tears from memorable moments, these tears tend to be the most genuine.
  • The second refers to the secret sauce. Known in the industry as ‘Actor’s little helpers’ we have tear sticks and tear blowers. Both include menthol which causes irritation to the eyes and then allows the actresses and actors to shed tears!
  • The last and arguably the harshest is known as mean tricks. These are tricks where someone makes up a story to shock the actor into crying. For example, imagine shooting a movie and you are told that your father has died in a car accident. As harsh as it sounds, if an actor or actress is unable to cry on cue, this is one tactic the director or other cast members may attempt.

Jennifer Lawrence Crying Scenes

Odds are you have seen at least one of Jennifer Lawrence’s movies. Can you think of an example of a specific scene where she convinced you she was crying genuine tears? Below are 5 of her most notable crying scenes according to tvovermind.com.


Throughout her career, Jennifer Lawrence has shown numerous times that she is able to shed tears on the big screen. Maybe someday we will find out which secret technique she uses!

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