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Can Jennifer Aniston Tap Dance?

Not many know that Jennifer Aniston’s first role in a film was an uncredited role as the “Dancer in McDonald’s.” While her career no longer includes uncredited roles, her dance skills have still been enlisted at various times.

Aniston, most well-known for her role as Rachel on the sitcom Friends, brought her dance moves to the show. In a particular episode, “The One with the Fake Monica,” Aniston’s character attends a tap dance class and surprises everyone with her skills. Are her tap dancing skills the real deal, though?

Dancing on Screen

“We’re just here to observe.” That is what Aniston and her friends told the tap dance instructor in the Friends episode where Monica, Rachel and Phoebe find themselves at the studio, on the hunt for Monica’s lost credit card. Once the instructor has made clear that it is not possible to not dance during a dance class, the three seemingly out-of-place women uncomfortably reach for a pair of tap shoes.

In character, Aniston awkwardly saunters over to an empty spot on the dance floor at the back of the room. The music begins and the class follows their teacher’s lead. The confused and quizzical looks on the faces of Monica, Rachel and Phoebe are in plain view as they stumble over their own feet trying to follow along.

Right as Monica is complaining about feeling uncoordinated, Aniston pushes her way to the front of the class suddenly right on beat and in step with the others. To the cheers of the live-audience members, she turns to her friend, Monica, who is none too impressed, and replies cooly, “What? You just click when they click.”

A Secret Talent

Does tap dancing really come as easy to Aniston as her character, Rachel, would have us assume after her performance in the Season One episode of Friends? Aniston was recently asked during an interview for the Dumplin’ press tour what talent she would perform if ever she was in a beauty pageant.

After considering for a second, she declared, “I can’t twirl a baton, can’t yodel, can’t tap dance. My talent would just be, well, nothing that would serve me in a beauty pageant.”


Any question about whether or not Jennifer Aniston can tap dance can be put to rest. She herself said it is a unique skill that she does not possess.

Perhaps it was some television magic, and a lot of scene rehearsals, that led audiences to believe she could tap dance. Whatever the case, Aniston’s talent for tap does not extend off-screen.

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