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Can Brad Pitt Sing?

A spruced-up Brad Pitt stands at the microphone with his hands resting on the pulpit. “In situations like this, I’ve found it sometimes helps to sing it.” He clears his throat and further conducts the crowd through a revised “Olé Olé Olé”.

From starring as Tyler Durden in the 1999 film Fight Club to his latest performance in 2019’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, the beloved Brad’s various awards have reflected a charmed audience. 

Brad has displayed a myriad of talents during his many successful performances. The list of things that he can’t do is seemingly minuscule. That said, is singing among one of Brad Pitt’s countless abilities? 

Brad Pitt’s Celebrated Accomplishments

The 51-year-old’s acting career officially began in 1987 when he agreed to take small, uncredited parts in films such as No Way Out and Less Than Zero. After nearly seven years of struggling to make it big in Hollywood, Brad finally had his breakthrough in 1994. Brad received his first Golden Globe Award nomination in the Best Actor category for his performance in Legends of the Fall. 

Brad’s role in Legends of the Fall significantly aided in his legitimacy as an actor. In 1995, he starred in the thriller film Seven, where he played the character of a serial killer. He was thrilled to move on from his typical “pretty boy” roles and instead play an evidently flawed character. 

It was the 2001 film Ocean’s Eleven, and its sequels, where Brad would solidify his now-known fame. Since his beginnings, Brad has starred in over 94 films; his most recent role being that of Cliff Booth in the 2019 film Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. 

The later 2000s drove fans to take to YouTube to illuminate Brad’s songbird qualities from his lead in Johnny Suede. 

Can Brad Sing?

While it is arguable that anyone with a voice box can sing – or can at least claim the ability – Brad Pitt has proven to his fans on numerous occasions that not only can he sing, but he can also sing well. 

Following his first influential performance in Thelma and Louise, Brad starred in a low-budget film in 1991, Johnny Suede, where he showed his audience another side of himself. While the actor exhibited his singing abilities in the film during his early career, fans were seemingly unaware until Brad became a celebrated star. 

In August 2007, a clip from the film was uploaded to YouTube where Brad plays guitar and sings. Later in 2009, two more clips were uploaded that showcased the star’s singing abilities in Johnny Suede once again.

Although the occurrence of actors’ singing voices undergoing thorough editing – or even replacement – is a familiar technique used in the film industry, the director of Johnny Suede, Tom DiCillo, gave some insight on who was honestly behind the voice of Johnny. Featured on his website, DiCillo writes, “I wrote the songs Johnny sings in the film. Brad [Pitt] sings them all,” allowing fans to admit Brad’s authentic singing skills and analyze them themselves. 

At the Palm Spring International Awards Gala in 2015, Brad willingly let the audience in on his live singing voice as he led a sing-along to illustrate the correct pronunciation of David Oyelowo’s name. The star received backlash for his performance at the Gala; however, his improvised mini-concert led many more to believe that his singing voice is as quality as it ever was in the past. 


Though the opinions regarding the star’s spontaneous Gala performance may vary, his role as Johnny Suede makes it apparent that Brad can, in fact, sing. As his singing abilities have been demonstrated multiple times throughout his career, most of his fans have come to realize that not only is he a successful actor, but Brad Pitt’s talents reach beyond that.

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