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Can Brad Pitt Play Piano?

It appears that Brad Pitt can play the piano as his fingers gracefully move across the piano keys in the movies The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Tree of Life. He is a remarkable actor who has consistently given amazing performances in each of his movies. That being said, he does receive special assistance when it comes to certain details that come up during the filming process.

He’s an Actor, Not a Musician

Although Brad Pitt is an amazing actor, he certainly is not a musician and can’t play the piano. In fact, the producers on both The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Tree of Life had to find ways to make it appear as though Brad played the piano. He doesn’t have a problem opening up about his lack of musical skill — and it could be because he’s one of the most renowned actors in the world at the moment so it’s not a big deal.

Clearly his musical inability has not stopped him from being cast in roles where a character plays the piano. As it turns out, it’s actually quite easy for someone else to play a character’s hands in a movie.

According to Hollywood.com, Brad Pitt discussed his experience of shooting the musical scenes in Tree of Life rather openly:

I couldn’t even get the piano part. I had the bass line with the left hand and what we did was we got another guy who could play an organ whose hand looked close enough to mine and we cut a hole in the back of my jacket and he slid his hand through. He made the thing work. It looks great.

Finding Brad’s Perfect “Hand Twin”

The producers for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” were so serious about finding Brad Pitt’s perfect “hand double” that they did a nation-wide casting call for a piano player whose hands looked exactly like Brad’s hands. It seems that the star’s “identical hand twin” is a man named Paul Cohen from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He told the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle that he received VIP service as he was picked up in a limo, flown to Los Angeles, and even had his own little trailer on set.

Although he never got to meet Brad because he only did 13 quick takes by himself before wrapping, Paul Cohen said the experience was one that he would never forget. Now, he can always watch the movie and admire how beautifully his hands — I mean Benjamin Button’s hands — can play the piano.


Brad Pitt may be artistically inclined in his acting skills, but he is certainly not musically inclined. He never learned to play the piano despite playing characters who loved to play the piano. It’s a great thing that Hollywood movie makers can work a little magic to make it appear as though he can play the piano.

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