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Can Adam Sandler Sing?

Let’s jump back to the late 90’s. You sit down to watch a film with your friends on a Friday night. You are all huge Adam Sandler fans, and you decide to pop on his hit, The Wedding Singer, which brings lots of laughter and crying.

Witnessing one of Sandler’s vocal performances, one can wonder how well the famous comedic actor can really sing.

Sandler’s Musical Background

Funny enough, Adam Sandler’s own mother is the reason the A-list celebrity discovered his love of performing. She forced him to perform at his sister’s wedding at the ripe young age of eleven which got him hooked on the performance drug. Some would say this catapulted his interest in having a career in the entertainment industry.

Sandler’s own father began teaching his son how to play the acoustic guitar at a young age, sparking an interest in song writing. Sandler’s song writing has floated throughout his comedy career, resulting in humorous numbers that still make audiences laugh to this day.

Past Musical Successes

Combining his two passions, comedy and music, Sandler released his debut album in 1993. The album is entitled, They’re All Gonna Laugh at You. This musical debut was a massive success and become a certified double platinum album, meaning it had at least two million sales. It even snagged a Grammy nomination. For a comedy album, this is a very impressive feat.

Sandler has released a total of five albums thus far in his long-lived career, the first and second of those albums both being certified double platinum. The last album he released came out in 2004 which was titled, Shh… Don’t Tell.

Sandler’s Singing Ability

While his musical success is noted, much of his recognition is for taking a more comedic spin on his vocals and performance. However, there are some non-comedy musical performances under the comedian’s belt, revealing that he does have a natural ability to sing.

In 2009, on David Letterman, Sandler performed a cover of Neil Young’s song Like a Hurricane. The performance was very well received among the industry and public. Critics compared the comedian’s voice to the legendary Neil Young, commenting on the similarities in sound and quality. Some even stated that Sandler’s vocals matched the style of Young’s perfectly.

Most Recent Musical Success

His most recent musical accomplishment occurred in April 2020 when he received the 2020 ASCAP Founders Award at the 37th Annual Pop Music Awards. This was the first time that the ASCAP recognized a comedian song writer for this prestigious award, ranking Sandler even higher than he already stood in the entertainment industry.


Yes, Adam Sandler can sing. This is based on the A-list celebrity’s musical appearances over the years including his non-comedy singing acts.

While he may not be a breakthrough vocalist with amazing belts and musical runs, he has many accomplishments in the music industry, as a comedian and song writer that continue to grow to this day.

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