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Are Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton Friends?

“When I got married, I didn’t just get a husband, I got a whole freak show that set up their tent right across the street!” Debra exclaims in the season six premiere of Everybody Loves Raymond.

The show, which ran for nine seasons, starred Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton as husband-and-wife duo Ray and Debra Barone. The sitcom felt close to home for many viewers as they watched and related to the family chaos and dysfunction that ensued.

The on-screen chemistry between Romano and Heaton was full of laughs and bickering scenes and is beloved by fans to this day. But after 15 years off-air, have Romano and Heaton been able to stay in touch? More importantly, are they still friends?

Heaton asks Romano for a Favor

In July 2020, Heaton appeared on an episode of The View. Mentioned on the show was that Heaton and Romano have remained in touch over the years. But this year, Heaton had a special favor to ask when she forgot about her son’s 21st birthday.

In an attempt to make up for the mishap, Heaton reached out to some of her celebrity friends, including Romano, asking if they could wish her son a happy birthday. Romano, going above and beyond a text message, sent what was, in Heaton’s words, “a wonderful video to him.”

Romano, recording while with his own family, opens the video with a joke “Hey Dan, I know it’s a little noisy. I understand it’s your 21st birthday according to my calendar.” Romano and his family go on to wish Dan a happy birthday.

Romano Guest Starred on Heaton’s “The Middle”

Back in 2011, when Heaton starred in ABC’s The Middle, Romano guest-starred on the series’ third season premiere as one of Mike Heck’s old high school friends. “It was really fun,” Heaton said about teaming up with her old scene partner.

Seasonal Get-Togethers

Both Heaton and Romano have busy work lives, schedules, and large families to keep up with. So, while it might be hard to visit each other often, Romano does host a yearly Labor Day party, which gives them a chance to get together.

Cast Reunion

In October 2020, several members of the Everybody Loves Raymond cast, including both Romano and Heaton, reunited for a virtual charity event. The cast members got back into their old characters and read from a selection of scenes on the 15th Anniversary of the show’s finale.

The reunion celebrated and raised awareness for the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) in tribute to the late actor Peter Boyle. Boyle, who played Ray’s father Frank Barone on the show. He lost his battle with multiple myeloma blood cancer shortly after the show’s finale.

Despite reuniting for the IMF Comedy Celebration, according to the cast, this is as close to a reunion show as fans are going to get. For Romano, filming without Peter Boyle and Doris Roberts, who played Ray’s mother Marie and passed away in 2016, would just not feel right.


The on-screen and off-screen chemistry between Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton is one that can’t be beaten. There seems to be plenty of evidence suggesting that they are friends and have stayed in touch over the years.

Even 15 years after the filming of Everybody Loves Raymond, they love to laugh and poke fun at one another, support each other’s careers and reach out with happy birthday messages.

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