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Are Brad Pitt and George Clooney Friends?

“He is 100% the sexiest man I have ever seen,” said the beloved actor, Brad Pitt, about his co-star George Clooney during a 2007 interview

Fans have long thought of the two as sustaining one of Hollywood’s greatest bromances. Since it’s been some time since they have been seen charming the town together, rumors have started to fly regarding a possible distance between the two. Are they steady friends?

Let’s take a closer look at the Hollywood actors’ bond.  

Pitt and Clooney’s Friendship in the Making 

Some people are always on the same wavelength, which is especially true for these two Oscar-nominated actors. For starters, Brad Pitt’s breakout role in Thelma and Louise almost went to a young George Clooney. 

In an interview by the Hollywood Reporter, George admitted that he was still sad about losing the role to Brad Pitt, even though he believes that the producers ultimately made the right decision. It’s a fact that Pitt still loves to tease him about it. 

Since their initial friendship spark, the two actors have starred in five movies together and appear to love the partnership. When neither of them is being interviewed for People’s Sexiest Man Alive – which each has won twice, by the way – they are regular pals.

Brad and George have consistently been nominated for the same awards and are regularly supporting each other with a healthy dose of friendly jest. 


Whether a major Hollywood star or merely golf buddies, men of all ages love to play pranks. The two stars are no exception. George Clooney is notorious for his jokester personality and initially won Brad over with his playful attitude. 

While filming Ocean’s Eleven in 2001, George placed a bumper sticker on Brad’s car (unbeknownst to him) that professed a vulgar comment concerning police, leaving Brad to later get pulled over. 

Pitt wasn’t going to take this prank-war lying down and sent a message, (masquerading as George’s publicist), to the crew that stated not to look Clooney in the eye and only refers to him as his character, Mr. Ocean. It was two weeks before George realized that he had been beaten at his own game.

This is only one of the many comedic escapades in which the two have been involved. 

Are Brad and George Still Friends?

Although they’ve always affirmed that they have a close friendship, Brad and George’s relationship was put under the spotlight when the media announced a feud between the two of them. 

Suspected Fallout 

It was inferred that George Clooney deliberately left his famous co-star off of his wedding guest list. Rumors started to swirl that Amal Clooney did not like Brad Pitt’s ex-wife Angelina Jolie, which caused friction between the pair. However, neither has ever confirmed this judgment. 

Today, it seems as though any potential rift is long gone. In a recent interview with People Tv, Brad quickly redacted a statement that mentioned that the pair “had once” been close. Pitt stated that the two were still very attached and that he was even expecting roses from Clooney after his recent Best Supporting Actor win at the SAG awards. 


It’s safe to say that this friendship is still strong between Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Despite the Hollywood reporters that love a troublesome split, the two have remained besties through divorces and decades.

We can only hope that this translates into a lifelong friendship and even more films featuring the pair together. 

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